Extra long cutter


Is it possible to get the #101 .125" Ball Cutter and #111 .0625" Ball Cutter in over extra long lengths? as the wood I need to cut has a depth of 50mm?



Mcmaster (and many others) have 1/8 dia to 3". If you go to the 1/4" shank, 2-1/2" overall is available down to 1/32", but the cut length is less, so it is only useful if there is clearance for the shank. For cuts smaller than the shank diameter, the depth of cut (which is only a little less than the length of the reduced section) is abut the same as the cut diameter, so a 1/16" diameter will only be reduced a little more than 1/16 of the length. If there is clearance for the shank above this, they are available in 1/8 and 1/4 shank to 3 or 4" as well.

Garr has a square one: http://www.garrtool.com/tooldetaillogin.jsp?edp=41030

and a miserable web interface which makes searching difficult.

thank you guys I will have a look

Harvey Tool has a lot of cutters like this, as well. They are excellent quality, and offered in a variety of coatings. Here’s their listing for Miniature End Mills - Square - Long Reach, Standard Flute, but they have loads of other sorts:

You probably know this already, but just in case: the further the tool sticks out, the slower you have to go. With extremely long, narrow cutters like this, you would be well advised to use something like G-Wizard to work out the toolpaths.

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Just be sure to plan the tool paths carefully. 50mm cut depth means at least 50mm cutter stick-out from the collet, which is 100mm right there. Retract height over the work is on top of this (no pun intended!)

I machined some 3/4" (19 mm) plywood using a long 1/8" cutter, and even there I had to be careful with my moves.

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A simulator will be very helpful for this. CAMotics is pretty good, and free: http://camotics.org, but there are loads of others.

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I have that simulator its very useful indeed! :slight_smile: