Extra unwanted lines

Hey guys, I was drawing out what I thought was going to be an easy project, and I had an issue that I could use some help with. Its likely an easy fix…so…please help.
So, In carbide create, I drew a break line similar to the one attached but a proper one. All is well till I try to assign a tool path. then CC throws in some extra blue lines that I don’t want…so…I drew it in autocad, saved it as a DXF, tried to open it…and the same thing happened.
I have read a few posts about this with the handy “your topic is similar to” feature on the side and it seems like you can’t have an open ended line?. Is this true? If it is true, is a different CAM program the only way to do this?
As I am fairly new to this, I ask an easy question…Why is this an issue? Is this the whole 2 and 2.5d thing at work? would a DXF in meshcam help?
any assistance would be appreciated.


The problem here is that Carbide Create has incompleat support for open paths.

It allows / facilitates their creation, and will import them okay, but when creating a toolpath, will then connect the beginning and end points with a straight line.

The work-around is to open the file in a drawing program such as Inkscape, set the stroke to at least the endmill diameter + 10%, instantiate the stroke as a filled path, then save as a file and use a pocket toolpath.

Or, use a tool such as MakerCAM which supports a follow path operation for open paths.

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Or make the same “break line” with narrow polygons in Carbide Create and assign tool paths

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A good idea. Thanks!

Looks like it’s time to learn some new software