Extruded/cast acrylic engraving for edge lit led sign

Hello, Im working with extruded acrylic (yes I know cast is better for cutting and engraving) which im engraving which I need to do thinner lines from .4-1mm thin lines and filled letter. Having troubles finding a good bit to get good filled letters that are frosty white and clean engravings where you don’t see the bit markings. This was done with a 90* v bit with a texture path with .3mm max depth with .125mm stepover, plunge of 850mm, feed of 1550mm, and around 10000 RPM? (1.5-2 on a makita router)

That tool path is 133min and looking for a cleaner and faster way to make em. Maybe go back to laser for filled letters?

Thanks and any input helps!

I wonder what the diamond drag engraving bit would do to the frosted portion. Not sure it’d be faster, but would be cleaner.
I’d maybe go with a 1/16th inch instead of a vbit? With a ball endmill I usually use around that stepover for finish passes.

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ok will try once I get one. ive tried 1/8th but it was to big and was only able to do some of it for the advanced v carve. hmm…

I used a 90° diamond drag bit to make an acrylic sign (using a 12"x24" 1/8" clear cast acrylic sheet), it came out good but took a long time. The best time/quality compromise for me was a 0.0133" interval 45° cross hatch pattern with an outline, generated in Lightburn. The cross hatch makes a big difference in the quality. The smallest lettering is about 3/8" tall and came out very readable. You can see the cross hatching pattern if you are close to the sign but I think it still looks good. Took about 3-4 hours to engrave at 45ipm.

Lighting is via a cheap set of USB RGB strip lights.

Detail of the cross hatch pattern in the smallest lettering:


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