F-Engrave Fonts

I opened F-engrave to look at what it can offer. I only saw a handful of fonts available. Is there someway to look at additional fonts?

There should be a fonts directory in your F-engrave install — if you have a version which has support for TrueType fonts (I think this is an option which has to be supported by a specific library).

If I add a font to: C:\Users\willa_000\Desktop\Xtensions\F-Engrave-1.61_win\fonts then, when I start that copy of F-engrave, it appears — back before Carbide Create supported V-carving I would make things which I needed to engrave as characters in a font and place the font file there and use F-engrave to make G-code.

From the page for the software: “Uses CXF and TTF fonts”

Will hits the “normal” TTF fonts, but there are a lot of single line fonts as well, and these are nice if you’re looking for really compact engraving. The single-line fonts are different from the normal TTF, in that they generally only require a single pass, and have no “insides” to engrave. There are CXF single line fonts around, but I haven’t needed to go there.

The “CamBam” stick fonts are really good. I use these a lot. Go here: http://www.mrrace.com/CamBam_Fonts/

I did get those. I am having trouble running the program in f-engrave to get the TTF. Keeps telling me the stream is not present/working.