F360- Auto generate CAM based on difference between two bodies?

I’ve not yet been in his position, but I THINK fusion is smart enough to do this…

The blue gator clamp has a slot clearance for 5/16 hardware the white gator clamp is C3D original-ish

I want to select one as the setup stock and just have it rest machine the difference between the two? Possible? If so how?


Can’t look now, but could you stack them and define the original as the stock?

Tried that and then just created a 3D Adaptive Clear that used “From Setup Stock” as the RM Source and … it wants to go all over the place vs just in the slot.

No rush, take a look when you have some time.

GatorTooth5-16in.zip (265.9 KB)

Just waking up, thanks @neilferreri.
I think was seeing bad results due to Stock to Leave being on, thanks!

And it looks like not matter how identical the models are/were F360 needs the containment boundary because of the way it interprets curves when they are created in 3D.

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