F360 Post for C3D VFD/Spindle Kit

The VFD takes about 2 seconds to engage, and a few seconds to ramp from 0 to 24,000 RPM. It also can take a second or two to settle on a new RPM if you are using different ramp RPM’s.

Attached is my F360 post which adds 2 options

  1. Cold-start dwell
  2. RPM change dwell

Extension renamed to .h as .cps is not allowed to upload. It’s text.
carbide-greg 5.h (28.1 KB)


I have actually been working with @neilferreri to do something similar. His post works great also.


I have been using @neilferreri post processor and just turned the “Spindle Ramp Dwell” up to 6 seconds and that seems to give the spindle enough time to get up to speed.


Where’s his post? I’ve probably went and re-invented the wheel :slight_smile:

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This is where I intially found it and still have it bookmarked. I’m not sure if he has a newer version or not though.


I usually use this version.
Don’t be concerned about the “TEST” in the name…I never bothered to change it. I added some stuff related to machine configuration to someone with a different (non-hobby level) machine.


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