F360, tool change & Bitsetter


So i’m fairly new to the CNC world and have recently installed a bitsetter on my S3 XXL only to find out that my free F360 hobbyist license doesn’t allow me to export gcode that has more than 1 tool in it. My current workaround is to export each operation separately and run each one individually without having to reset the zero origin. My question is this: will I have to re zero the Z height or will the bitsetter be able to calculate the difference from the previous operation?

Hail mary, does anyone have a free workaround short of editing the gcode together in txt or links on how to do just that?


I am also looking for an answer to this question. Carbide create was updated for the Pro line. Has Carbide provided the same updates to Fusion for the Pro xxl line? (Carbide Create will allow tool change and bit setter)

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Carbide 3D has nothing to do with the development of Fusion 360, an Autodesk product.

I think @fenrus wrote a program that’ll do it for you.

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