Facing without a facepalm?

I have a few boards I’d like to face on two sides.
Some of the 4X4 boards are more warped than others so I end up lowering the tool to face them again (using my ‘Facing’ gcode).

Right now I set my Z (bitsetter v2) and run the gcode to face the board.
Then I set my Z again using the bitsetter and run the same code - rinse repeat.
Some boards only need to be faced once. Others need multiple runs.

Is there a better/faster way?

I’d love it if CM had a feature that allowed the user to input a “-.2mm” without having to click-dance through the interface and reset the Z manually.

What are you guys doing?
I thought I would ask before heading over to the ‘Feature Request’ zone.

CM comes close… you can manually edit the Z position, it;s still a few clicks but at least not needing to probe

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I sometimes just generate another cut file from the same design file but edit the start and end depth. I can whip it up before the first operation is done since I can clearly see that it’s not deep enough when cutting.

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How do you edit the Z position?

So far I’ve just jogged to a safe area, gone to Z+6mm then stepped to Z=0, stepped down however many 0.025 or 0.25 I want to try and hit Zero Z.

Is there a faster cleaner way?

in the screen that also has the “zero all” button…
… you can just type a new value of Z.



I had not tried that, thanks, much cleaner.

Now there we go…so we can just subtract the depth you want to cut from the z it’s sitting at and re-ren.

Fenrus FTW!!!

actually you need to add it not subtract it, but yeah same difference

(the field has the value of where in Z the bit is relative to the set zero… by adding to it, you logically move the zero down)

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Good catch.
Math is so unpredictable :innocent:

What holder (router selection in F360) do you guys use?

I added my own custom spindle holder and put the dimensions of the ER20 collet and diameter of the spindle into it, you can take a few measurements off whatever router / spindle you have and do this.


Thanks. I’ll roll my own too and snipe your dimensions and check mine also.

One more thing:
I am adding my tools into F360 and when entering in a tapered ball nose it asks for the corner radius?
I asked Precise bits (for this tool) but nothing came to mind for that value.
Update: Precise Bits said It’s half the tips radius. Simple once you know.


If it’s one of these


I’d start with 1/2 the tip diameter from the Precise Bits spec. It seems that Fusion is modelling this as a corner radiused (bull nose) tool and that a full ball nose is just a boundary case of that where the radius = 1/2 diameter

Something a bit like this


You’re on point. I updated my original message with just that.
Thanks for the reply!



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