Failed to select tool for operation

Hi there.

All of the sudden I’m not able to use any of the tools from my Carbide3d tools library in fusion 360 anymore. I always get the “Failed to select tool for operation” error.

I suspect it has something to do with the machine configuration - maybe it changed somehow - as I noticed that it has also started defaulting to Flood as a coolant method, which it has never done previously.


Has anyone else had this problem? And know the solution to it?


What happens when you click “select”?
I think Flood is the default when not defined by a tool.

I can click ‘Select…’ just fine, and it will open and I can select a tool. But when selecting a tool and pressing ‘Ok’ to leave the dialog I’ll get the “Failed to select tool for operation”-error.

I’m not sure what I’ve done since then, but I’m no longer getting the error. It still defaults to Flood for Coolant though, and some things seems a bit … off.

I might just reset my machine setup and import it from new.

With coolant… after some updates ago in f360 lots of things have been changed. So go to tool libary and change tools what doesnt need coolant… when you choose the tool. right klick it and edit tool and in cutting data window. in bottom you can choose different types of coolant and you just choose there disable.

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