Farewell Apollo, your designs and guidance will be missed!

I wanted to create a post to wish him the best in his future ventures. I also hope that he stays active in the CNC and design communities.


Apollo is leaving Carbide 3D?.

That’s what I heard…

Apollo was my first contact with Carbide 3D pre-purchase questions, and the first to help me out with my initial technical issues. He’s a foundational part of the team and will leave a huge creativity hole if this is true.

If so, best wishes sir! Your maker spirit will carry you forward.


I noticed the lack of posts and his picture being cropped out of the main C3D team page about a week ago. His projects and posts were really helpful and inspiring for what could be done with these little machines. Hopefully he’s moved on to greener pastures, his efforts will be missed!


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As Dan mentioned, he’s no longer listed as a team member!?!.. His videos were/are great and will be missed if he stops doing them!

I also had noticed his posts stopped about 1 month ago and his picture disappeared. I am sad to see him go as his post were always great to read and very helpful. Project based learning for me has been the best way for me to learn CNC. Hope carbide3d has someone to step up and continue what he started within the community.

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From the cached page on google

“Apollo Crowe
Community Manager
Apollo is a graduate of OTIS College of Art and Design and is the ultimate inventor. He is our chief designer (OK, our only designer), and can do everything from sculpting to machining, CAD to fabrication, with heavy doses of prototyping. His creativity and insight have gotten us out of a number of jams (the great laser-cutter, peanut-butter fiasco of ’08 comes to mind).”

It does beg the question, with Apollo gone… how can they do anymore design? Will Carbide 3D die?

Seriously though, I really hope they didn’t all have a big falling out although I guess that may be the case since there was no announcement…

Not worth jumping to conclusions.


I will miss Apollo. He may not be the only face that was Carbide3d, but the most creative and instructive. Truly a role model to follow.

Hey C3D, what’s the story with Apollo?

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First post as my machine has been sitting idle since it was assembled last December. C3D seems to have changed since my first contact with Apollo 18 months ago. He is the reason I bought the product a year later. I’m still waiting for a setup question to be answered from last December and that email went to more folks than just Apollo. Thankfully Winston Moy now has a great video on squaring up your machine which should fix the problem. My guess is Apollo was frustrated with the volume of technical calls and the infrastructure pain associated with rapid business growth. Since I am new here I’ll add that my insight comes from years of experience in manufacturing and technical support. I really hope the remaining suits at C3D read this and address the underlining issues.

My best wishes and prayers are for Apollo and his family.

If anyone has any specific requests for designs or support send them in to support@carbide3d.com.

Second, we do our best to address support questions, but it’s hard to do this when people specifically address persons in the support e-mails, resulting in them being assigned to said persons (who in this case, then didn’t address them), or confuse things by raising multiple issues in a single ticket. If anyone has any concerns about any aspect of support, please send them in to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to help.


As you may know, I spent some quality time with all the Carbide3D team at the Maker Faire and I met Apollo’s PARTIAL replacement. She a great gal and is getting ramped up tp speed and will be on the forum soon.

Apollo’s departure? I didn’t ask, because, it’s NOT our business.

Edit: partial


Will - I’m not here to stir it up, nor do I think you want the email chain on a public forum. I’ll stop with the fact that I emailed Edward Ford and your support folks regarding the situation; also with the offer to provide simple, proven solution at no charge to avoid shipping the wrong products to customers (which also happened in my case). There was no response…

My concern here was for Apollo. I wish you and your company the best.

We are all human, and mistakes happen. Please accept our apologies for any difficulties or inconvenience which you have experience for any failing on our part.

We would be glad to work with you to get your machine working to its specifications and your satisfaction.

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I sent an email to carbide3d, when I found this forum to be briefly down the other day, just letting the guys know on the off chance they were not aware. I got a very prompt and polite reply back from one ‘Crystal’. Purhaps his replacement? Anyway that was a good first experience of the replacment if it was.

I can’t wait for new products though, like the touch probe for one.

This replacement thing will be more of a team effort I believe. Some of the players are our very own Will Adams, also Crystal and Meg to name a few.

PS Rob said (at the Maker Faire) that the probe should be out next week!!!


One vote for Will Adams, whenever the polls open.


You may have misunderstood his part. He will be taking a bigger part of this forum…