Faster retract speeds control

Has anyone adjusted their Retract speed? Dont know if it is a function in other cnc controllers to have a speed retract speed increase on the adjustments in the cnc g code UI screen. Could be a nice addition in the 3D pro side of things. When doing roughing passes sometimes it does some unnecessary raises and lowers that could go a lot faster.

And…I know I could edit the g code but it gets daunting in a 11000 line 3d cut pass

Changing the retract speed can cause issues. The machine can skip steps. C3D has set the retract speed conservatively for this reason. You could change the GBRL settings but take it easy. The CC and CM software has come a long way in the last 5 years but remember for general CNC machining the C3D settings satisfy most user.


Alright Ill chill with where it is. It just seems to have so much more potential in the Z speed, Its the slowest axis and its the only one not being run by belts. How?

I guess plunge rate has an effect to cutting efficiency, now that i think about it.

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Retracts are rapid, set by your GRBL max feed.
Plunge rate is the slow one and the limiting factor for 3D motion.

Speed is the belt’s strength.


The best way to reduce times on projects with a lot of plunges it to reduce the retract height as much as possible. On projects like Aztec dials (LOTS of plunges/retracts), I usually side clamp and since I have no clamps to clear, I’ll reduce retract height to something like 0.032"-0.063". It just clears the surface but keeps retract distance to a minimum. You do have to check the material for any warp/bow/thickness changes though.


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