Feature Request:3D Rough - Angle (for dust collection?)

I am creating this post as a “feature request”, but there may be another solution as my problem is related to the sweepy and dust collection.

I am 3D milling a topographic map, it is currently in the roughing step, and I am having to babysit the machine because of this…

When cutting along the grain, long strings are being created and it’s clogging within the sweepy. So how/why is this a software request?

In the 3D finishing toolpath, we are given the option to set an “Angle”. And once I learned what this setting did, I started using it. So my feature request is this…


Please add an “Angle” option to the 3D roughing toolpath. If it was there I would set it to 45 and (I think) it would fix my dust collection problem.

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As a work-around have you considered mounting your stock at a 45 degree angle?

Might want to consider a change of bits, find one with better chip breaking properties

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It was a 1/4 down cut end mill (46054-K). I suspect the situation I encountered was not typical, the material was 21" wide (so long X axis cuts) at a fast feedrate (200in) on baltic-birch plywood.

Maybe I am approaching this from a different perspective. I’ve been a windows software developer for 20 years. And as a developer I (usually) like to hear ideas because sometimes you don’t know the real-world scenarios that your software ends up being used to solve.

I made the request because I REALLY like Carbide Create, I want to see continue to improve and broaden its abilities. We already have the “Angle” setting on the finishing path so I was hoping adding that setting to the roughing path was not going to be that difficult.

If I was trying to mass produce topographic maps, the best (non-software) work around would be to precut the material at a 45 angle, so it would still be a square mounted in the Shapeoko in a normal manner but the grain of the wood (in each layer of the plywood) would never be along the Shapeoko X axis.

Would increasing the router speed make chip clearance more rapid and small. ? Tom

it’s a very reasonable feature to ask for; i the past such things were hard in the GUI but maybe in the 5xx series it is easier

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Seconded, I think this is a great idea.

I use the feature a lot in Aspire to achieve a perfect finish on relief carvings by doing two finishes at 90 degrees. Also when used with a bigger step over it can give you a cool crosshatch/diamond finish

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