Feature Request - Easier way to update Feeds in CC based on override from CM

If I have a project that when running, I set the F&S override to, say, 150%, I’d like an easier way to implement that in CC.

One way would be to allow the F&S on a toolpath to be set not just to a specific number (as it is now), but to allow the user to input the same override value that CM displays and have the feed adjust accordingly. After adjusting the feed, set the ‘override’ back to 100% (i.e., no need to remember the original value and the current override, just set and go).

An even better implementation would allow separate feed and plunge adjustments, so you could (for example) keep the original plunge value but easily increase the feed to 150%.

An EVEN BETTER implementation would allow an override to apply to a Toolpath Group, so you can do a set all in one go.

Yrs, I know I can do all this manually with a calculator, but it’s tedious and possibly error prone

You can copy a whole CC database and then edit each tool you want to change. That is not necessarily easy but permanently changes the tool characteristics.

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