Feature Request for CC, Text Character Spacing

Text character spacing would be useful, maybe a user selectable percentage of font height. A lot of times I have to import text from Inkscape or Affinity Designer to get the spacing needed to get a clean carve between characters.


Hi Jeff,
I agree with you that when it comes down to control over text adjustments your just not going to beat Inkscape and AD. As a long time Inkscape user and new to AD I see both are very similar and are great creative tools.

My thought on the character spacing option is so one doesn’t have to toggle back and forth between two programs for that quick job. I use CC quite a bit mainly because I can check the simulations and decide if I need to make adjustments on the fly. A character spacing option for text created within CC would be convenient.

When I put my first CNC router to work many years ago I used F-Engrave for design and to generate gcode. The text spacing and v-bit clean up options kind of spoiled me. I see now even LightBurn has character spacing.

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Good idea Ed, we hadn’t considered that but we happened to be making changes to the Text command this week.

We just added a “spacing” option to the Text command in Carbide Create V6 (which should be in public beta in a couple of weeks.)


Thanks Rob.
I just saw CC beta 605 released with the text spacing option, works great and will be a time saver!


What does the “group letter vectors” & “convert to curves” functions do in text? I have messed with them and can’t figure out what they do.

Convert to Curves converts the font into geometry, so that it can be modified:


That would group individual characters together. For instance, on a lower-case “e” or “I” the two vectors would be grouped together. It wouldn’t do a thing for an ‘L’

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