Feature request for Community posts

I personally would like to see the ability to either Mark a Topic or Post to hold for future reference or download a topic or post without having to cut and paste an entire topic or long post.

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Besides the bookmark capability already there? If you clik on the three dots next to the “reply” button, it opens up extra options, like Bookmark Post.

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When you click on your avatar, up top, you then can click one over from notifications for your bookmarks.

What if the post is deleted?

Try Ctrl+P to print to a PDF.

At this point I believe this will work for my needs.

Thank you, Neil.

We run a fairly stock version of the Discourse forum software so the bookmarking feature is all we’re likely to have.

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I am covered with Neil’s suggestion. That way it is on my computer and I don’t have to worry if the post would be deleted for some reason.
Thanks for the Prompt reply.

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