Feature request for Shapeoko 3

I’m doing this for my system and I think it will help in the overall assembly of a new Shapeoko 3 by a new owner.
I am installing a new base plate (the mdf board that came with the Shapeoko 3). It is a 1/2" thick sheet of PVC from home depo. I am recessing this along the front and back edge 1/8" down for the width of the front and back rails so that the mdf waste board will sit flatly on the pvc board for the entire surface of the base board. This will result in complete support of the underside of the waste board and since most people have their system on a bench, table, torsion box or what ever flat surface than the flex that is inheirently included in the system will be eliminated.

Recessing the front and back edge of the base board will cause the front and back rails to line up square along the recessed edge of the base board. Starting with a square base, it should be easier and less problematic assembling the Shapeoko3. For those who want to use the leveling feet,one could install this base board upside down or maybe the recessed base board should be intended to be on top of the rails.
Maybe this is entirely unneccassary and maybe it will help, …Jude


Very cool! Nice improvement/upgrade!

(FWIW, I did something similar on my SO2 where I flopped the wasteboard to the bottom of the machine)

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I cut the pvc sheets today and recessed the edges for the base of the rails. Glued 2 of the 1/2" thick sheets with pvc glue and sucked them tight with the vacuum pump. Letting them cure tonight. Did bolt them up to the base frame of the SO3. That ridge held one side tight so I could tweek the other rail square. Used geometry to find the square side and the absolute middle. Just didn’t like banging my framing square true. It’s good to use the old math once in a while. I didn’t worry about the exact spacing for the back recess so I could have wiggle room to square it. Worked out great, everything else was square and plumb just the base frame was about an 1/8" out of square. As far as the feature request goes, I do think it would help with a solid base board recessed along the front and back for 1st time assemblers. Thanks Will, Jude