Feature Request - Homing optional after probe failure

If probing fails because of misplacement of the bit or some other obvious user error, can we have an option of not sending the router to the home position?


The downside is that if you made an error that changes the endmill length of made a stepper skip steps, than your position is now off. That could cause a crash, damage your work piece, break an endmill, etc.

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I’m not really following what you’re saying.

If I’m using my BitZero to probe, 100% of the time I have had an error occur is because I either had the bit too far from the BitZero or the wire with the clip came off the bit (or wasn’t attached in the first place). I don’t see where any of these conditions requires the Shapeoko to be reinitialized and sent to the home position. It would be great we just had an option when the probing error popup occurs to initialize or not.

Then again, I’m new at this and may be missing something.

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I’ve had moments of forgetfulness when I didn’t put my ground on the endmill. When that happens, the stepper will drive it into the top and start shipping steps. The machine doesn’t know it skipped. So unless the machine re-initializes, it will be off by how much it skipped. Re-homing resets the machine to knowing where it is again. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that. Thanks for that information.

Maybe it would be nice to have a button on the screen to stop the probe if you started it and you know it is going to fail. I’ve had that situation before too. All I could do was wait for a collision or the probe to timeout.

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That can happen…

… but if your a little too high above a BitZero when you hit probe, you basically have to reset the machine and load in the gcode file you were working with.

An dialog asking if your want to rehome on probe failure, or try again, would be a fine solution.

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This would be a bit more involved than it may sound. Carbide 3D uses grbl firmware. The Alarm state behavior on a Probe Failure is part of the firmware. It is that way for the reasons @SLCJedi mentioned. There are so many ways we can mess up what the machine does. It’s probably better for users to fix those mistakes than to have pop-up options for every different use case.


If rehoming after an alarm is a requirement, it should not need to mean CM has to completely reset to a state identical to when you freshly start it.

I’ve had this happen too and hate that it goes through the homing sequence just because I didn’t have my bit close enough to the BitZero. And after I added the bit setter now it’s another step in the homing sequence.

What else does Motion do aside from homing?

Calculates tool length offsets if using the BitSetter, and keeps track of where the machine is w/in the Travel Dimensions to keep from moving beyond them.

I know you use cncjs, so perhaps you aren’t fully appreciating the issue at hand.

Carbide Motion disconnects the machine if you attempt a probe and you weren’t quite low enough over the BitZero when you try to probe.

This seems too severe since you basically have to start the job set up all over - wait for the homing cycle, load your GCode, jog and set zeros.

EDIT: On a fully grounded machine, it also disconnects if you accidentally touch the BitZero with your hand when it’s doing a BitSetter probe.

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