Feature request: Move around the x-y perimeters of a job

This is something that I’ve seen on a laser cutter recently and found extremely useful. You load the file and press “Frame”, the gantry then moves to draw a frame around the perimeters of the file (Z in the air obviously). This provides a quick way of knowing if the origin is set correctly and whether the stock is big enough. Would love to have this in CM.

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While this has been suggested, I worry about implementing it, since it creates the possibility of running an endmill into a clamp and snapping it.

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Yes that can happen. My guess is that a simple dialog box with a picture on what it does and a warning about clamps can prevent that though.

Or we could pull the big guns and draw the convex hull rather than the square (sounds fun to code :slight_smile: ).

How about an option to enter the Z height at which you will run it?

Several industrial controllers have similar options. Dry run runs through the code without moving the machine. Lock-out Z runs the program without moving Z. You set your Z height before running.


Well, since we’ve opened up this can-o-worms :smiley: , gSender does this without problem by utilizing the safe-Z setting. If you don’t have save-Z setting right in a file, you’re going to have problems during cutting anyway.

Having said that, safe-Z problems are not something that occur often once one gets things set up. Banging a clamp is a great learning tool! :smiley:

I love the framing feature on my laser, because I’m often trying to fit a job into a small piece of scrap. I don’t usually use hold-downs on my laser though, so never worry about hitting anything. I wonder how hard it would be to orient a laser pointer properly on the CNC router, so you could see where your bit is while raised.

This is a great idea, very simple and agree I’m used to it on laser cutters (and know other CNC software has implemented this) - feels a sensible new feature!