Feature Request - Re-run Job

I know this has been suggested a few times, but I think it would be a HUGE upgrade to add one more button that allows the user to “re-run” a job with an identical setup and tooling. I understand the desire to verify tool lengths each time, but those of us running batches of the same small job over and over are spending a ton of time watching the machine check itself when nothing has changed.

If you’re concerned (understandably) about folks not measuring the tool length when they should, you could simply have the button disappear if anything changes. If they load a new file or re-zero, then go ahead and check the tool length. But if we’re just opening the lid, and loading another identical piece of stock to run the same job, the swapout shouldn’t take longer than the cutting.

Even toss up a warning box that requires an “I know what I’m doing” click, if you must.

I’m just thinking of the semi-pro folks like me who are using your machines to batch produce items.


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If you are running jobs that have just one tool, then could you just disable the bitsetter?

Or are you running jobs with multiple tools, but it so happens that the last tool used is the same as the first?

Some with one tool, for instance a facing operation with a square end mill. I want to face 10 pieces quickly.

Where is the setting to disable the bit setter? I’m not seeing that in the options anywhere, but I think it would do what I want.


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The disabling of the BitSetter is the opposite of enabling it — clear the checkbox for it.

Well, OK - that makes sense. But I don’t know where that option is. In a menu somewhere? In the G Code? A different screen or tab?

The BitSetter is enabled (and disabled) in the Settings pane, possibly under Options depending on Carbide Motion version — just go to the place where you checked a checkbox to enable it and uncheck the checkbox to disable it.

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