Feature request: Rounded rectangles

I know one can create rounded corner rectangles in Carbide Create, but they then don’t have a defined center point and are a bit more difficult to move around than the standard square rectangle tool’s rectangles.

Would Carbide 3D consider adding a rounded rectangle tool? I would then expect the resulting figure to be able to be modified for length, width, and corner radius.


@myklhn Michael, I’m a little confused at the ask - as I am pretty certain you can do this today. Maybe I’m missing something.

If you create a Rectangle, and set the corner type to “Fillet”, you can set the corner radius to anything you want and you get a “Rounded Rectangle”. That object can be moved (with a center point) and sized just like any other rectangle. You can also click on the rectangle and change the radius of the corners…


Is there something I’m missing?


No, it is me that is missing something. Thanks for pointing this out - I had totally missed this.


OK … Good.

By the way, a fillet in mech engineering is the rounding of an interior corner…this is an exterior corner…which, I believe, is really called a “Round”…so it should actually be ROUND - which would have been more obvious to you…I’d bet.

I’ve given this a try and it does work. What I really wanted though, is a primitive instead of a construction. The construction gives me many nodes along the circular path, but does give me a central node for the straight lines. One of the things I use a great deal is the center of the entire object, which is available in the circle and square rectangle primitives, but not in the construction.

I can work with the construction, but I know many CAD programs have some primitives missing from CarbideCreate, such as the above mentioned rounded rectangle, ovals, and arcs of circles (looks like s slice of pie).

While I know I can work with other CAD programs to do the drawings I want, for most simple projects, I’d prefer to use just Carbide Create, thus the feature request (and the others I mentioned should be added to that request.)


I think the center point is still there…
Create a Rectangle with FILLET and a radius:

Then do whatever else you want…when you want to position the rounded rectangle, select it and press the MOVE function:
The Move Dialog comes up - and the object has a center handle which you can use for positioning…

Plus the “Anchor” and Position parameters allows you to empirically use the center (or any of the corners) as the positional anchor:

So I think you have all that you need…?

EDIT: I don’t know what you mean by “a construction”, so you very well might be looking for something that isn’t there…if so, please be sure to say so - so the request doesn’t go dormant. I don’t want to dilute your request if it’s really not in the code already.

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You are correct. What I hadn’t noticed is that the rectangle tool has the square corner/rounded corners selection. What I was doing was creating a rectangle then using the fillet tool. The resulting combination (what I called a construction) does not have the center. Now I know about the various rectangle options, it makes much more sense.

So, in short, the primitive I wanted for rounded corner rectangles does exist. I just didn’t find it.

I’d still like to see ovals (true ovals) and arcs (that look like a slice of pie).


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I agree…I’d put in another request for those objects into the Feature Request thread…so it’s categorized properly and considered for future releases.

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