Feature request: Undo button for "zero all"

… hit zero all instead of zeroing only the Z by accident…
would be great if there was an undo on that mistake…

Hope you got out of it and still had a reference to your WCS origin.
A good tip when several files and tools are to be used on the same piece, is to make a note of your machine positions when you have set your work positions.
When X & Y is at 0.0 write down machine positions.

I opened a similar thread Saving a X,Y,Z Location

It sounded like the ability to save a location is in development and I think that would be a huge feature.

I haven’t found a way to write down a position as in motion the location is relative to it’s zero if you re-zero, that point is no longer relevant.

I ordered the BitSetter new addition yesterday… that should obsolete most of the problem in the first place

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Wow - I somehow missed this - I think I need this!

If you accidentally change your Z zero (or XY), you’ll have to reset it (probe, paper, eyeball), even with the bitsetter.