FedEx have (not) invented time travel

A replacement part is on it’s way to me from Carbide 3D - thank you.

According to FedEx it should arrive today, but it’s still in Memphis:

Memphis and Malmesbury are 4,290 miles apart, as the crow flies, and it’s currently 4:45pm here, with delivery before 6pm.

Way to go, FedEx!

(I appreciate it does say Estimated, though!)

PS I have a tendency towards sarcasm.


This is still in Memphis, and FedEx allow customer’s to provide a nickname for the shipment.

I’ve called it “I’m walking from Memphis”, but I wonder if anyone can come up with something more amusing?

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This is still in Memphis, according to FedEx, but fortunately (and a bit reluctantly) Carbide3D came up trumps and sent out a replacement for the replacement on Friday, and it turned up today. Amazing.

Thank you, Carbide3D guys!


Talking of irony, the original replacement is being delivered today.

Trust me or not, the first notification I received about the delivery was this morning at 0759hrs and not when FedEx ‘found’ it in Memphis. What a shambles!

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