Feeds and speeds bad idea

I have the pro xxl. I looked up the feeds and speeds for my amana 1/4 inch down cut bit 46202-k and is shows for plywood I should shoot for .005 chip load. It would be 180 inch/min, 1/4 depth of cut. Has anyone tried that fast on the pro? That is about twice as deep and twice as fast as I have used so far. I think I might try it this weekend on a rest piece so hopefully I won’t break something.

Where are you getting these feeds and speeds?

The Amana feeds and speeds are intended for heavy, industrial machines — I would suggest starting with the feeds and speeds in Carbide Create and scaling up from there.

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Yeah I was kind of wondering about that. This are from amana’s website.

@Julien has some good basic principles for feeds and speeds in his ebook link as well as a basic spreadsheet that is super useful and then for more advanced parameters @gmack 's spreadsheet is in there as well.