Feeds and speeds question when not using automatic settings

If I choose to not allow automatic settings when doing pocket cuts ,which setting best changes the length of time it calculates .
I noticed my last project I was asking carbide motion to do a small pocket cut all the way through the stock .it was a 1/4" oval using a 1/8 end mill . The cut worked fine but what was annoying was after each pass the bit raises much higher than needed to move to next pass in same hole and the speed at which it lowers back to next pass is painfully slow . The deeper you go the longer the cycle .
The stock was .988" and by the time it was down .75" the bit comes way out above the previous pass moves ever slightly towards the centre of the 1/4" oval and very slowly goes down to start next pass.
Just trying to understand what I can do to eliminate the wasted time .

Unfortunately, the “retracting way more than needed” behavior is part of CC toolpath generation (last time I checked, that is). Not much you can do (short of using a different CAM tool) except trying to “reasonably” maximize plunge rate (the default value is quite conservative, depending on the material size you can plunge faster), and increasing depth per pass (to minimize the number of passes/opportunities to retract)

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