Feeds and Speeds Spreadsheet

That’s basically what got me into this rabbit hole. I came to realize that it’s very difficult to produce and maintain such a universal feeds and speeds recipes database, for the following reasons:

  • variety of setups. Even when there was a single Shapeoko model, no two Shapeokos behaved exactly the same, what with the mods people had, how well they had tuned their machine, etc…So feeds and speeds (and DOC) that work great for someone, may not automatically work for someone else
  • every parameter matters. We tried in the past to come up with a mini-template for folks to report the feeds and speeds they use for a project they showcase, but it’s near impossible to stick to it. So quite often people will mention some of their cutting parameters, but not all of them, making the recipe harder to extrapolate (e.g. to a different endmill)
  • toolpaths matter. A depth of cut + width of cut for a 3D adaptive clearing toolpath can be way different from the regular pocket toolpath.

And then of course there was my desire to understand the physics behind the values, but that’s optional.

@gmack’s spreadsheet comes close. Beyond the main spreadsheet, there are tabs where he gathered cutting parameters from various people, and there is a list of material K-factor (for wood, this relates to hardness)

There’s also @WillAdams pretty nice tableau.

In my opinion, the closest we have to a universal recipe database is Winston’s list of MaterialMonday videos. They have F&S for various endmills AND type of toolpaths, and a large variety of materials.