#MaterialMonday on YouTube

(William Adams) #1

@wmoy has begin a series of YouTube videos on #MaterialMonday.

A central tenet of this series is an acknowledgement that the hobby CNC routers need different numbers for different sorts of paths. Thus far he has done:


Shapeoko 3:

Nomad 883 Pro:

(not part of the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szo5FFmJzv4 )


Copper and brass sheets:

Nomad 883 Pro:

Cast Acrylic:

Nomad 883 Pro:


Nomad 883 Pro:

Machinable Wax:

Nomad 883 Pro:


Nomad 883 Pro:


Nomad 883 Pro:


Odd issue with cut depth
How to work out how much to tighten belt z axes
Origin/consistency of chipload recommandations
Thoughts on this?
Going to try aluminum
V bit moving away from the initial line
Is my wasteboard file broken, or bad setup?
(Luc) #3

I guess the Shapeoko is the forgotten one! While some of this translates to other machines, all but one is related to the Nomad.

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