A couple of questions

Very new and very raw with the Shapeoko. I purchased one for my BOTSIQ team (combat robot), we are interested in trying out lighter, easier to work with materials for some of our more basic parts. I have several questions;

I purchased the t-track wasteboard system from Shapeoko and already put a gouge in it. Should I do a surfacing job to level it? If so, how do I go about doing that?

I have some half inch and three quarters inch PVC stock and I am interested in using for the robot. Shapeoko has feeds and speed for the quarter inch end mill, but not for the eighth inch endmill any suggestions?

I’d just fill the gouge with a mixture of sawdust and glue and then surface — why remove more material than is necessary?

For leveling see: Wasteboard Plans with threads

To work up feeds and speeds see: https://shapeokoenthusiasts.gitbook.io/shapeoko-cnc-a-to-z/feeds-and-speeds-basics and Origin/consistency of chipload recommendations and #MaterialMonday on YouTube


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