Feeds/speeds for 1/8" CNC drill?

I’m running a Nomad 3 and have some CNC 1/8" drill bits (1/8" shank). I’ll be drilling into oak and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for feeds/speeds for this bit. I’ll be drilling 1/2" deep holes, so will be using peck drilling with full retract.
I’ve tried using a normal end mill, but they really aren’t designed to drill. I end up getting a little burning of the wood, which means there is quite th heat buildup, shortening the life of the bit.

Most drill bits are not designed to spin at the speeds which trim routers turn at.

Only use tooling which is rated for the speed which you will be turning at.

There are specialty “Drill Mills” which are designed for drilling — Harvey is one manufacturer.

It should be possible to address the heat build-up by using “Peck w/ Full Retract” and adjusting feeds and speeds and depth per pass:

Alternately, use a slightly smaller tool and machine as a pocket.

These are Kyocera drill bits, solid carbide, originally designed for PCB boards. It just dawned on me to look to see if Kyocera has info on this, and it does:

For 1/8" carbide drill bit:
Feed: 50 in/min
Speed: 20k RPM
Retract: 1000 in/min
Z-axis offset: -0.039 in
Max hits: 800
Chipload: 2.50 mm/rev
SFM: 654

This will be my starting point. I had already planned to use full retract.

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