Feeds & Speeds for 30deg vbit

Hoping that someone can give me an easy Feed & Speed recipe for cutting Maple & Purple Heart on a Shapeoko Pro (A screenshot of your settings on VCarve would be awesome)

Bit: 30 degree 1/8 endmill

Here’s what I’ve been using for a similar Amana:

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And here’s what I used for a single flute 25° vbit in bamboo (very conservative depth per pass)

RPM to feedrate ratio quite consistent with Will’s.


Thanks @Julien and @WillAdams for the quick response as always. As soon as I saw the first post by Will, I tried to translate that into Vcarve settings, and ended up with the following Feeds & Speeds. It worked beautifully on Maple and Purpleheart, and is definitely over-conservative.

Pasting a screenshot here so others can see this when they have the same question


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