Feeds/Speeds for Contour Vs Pocket

Hi all,
I’ve been playing around with a few simple small wood signs while im still learning my pro xl and i’ve noticed something I wanted to inquire here about. My designs are pretty basic, some text run as a pocket tool path then a circle contour to cut out the sign. Endmill is a 1/16th from C3d and im using the stock feeds and speeds from CC DOC .03 - Feed Rate 45- Plunge 15 - 18000 RPM. I’ve tried a couple of signs and what I’ve noticed is the pocket text comes out really nice and clean and the machine doesn’t sound like its struggling at all. When it moves on to the contour cut out, the machine starts to sound like it revving up and down and the cut is not quite as clean as the pocket tool path. Also i noticed some wood chips were getting stuck in the endmill. Does this sound like the speed/feeds need to be adjusted for the contour cut? and where would be a good starting point? Thanks!

It’s best avoid slotting (cutting a slot just as narrow as the endmill) and to minimize it to the bare necessities of doing so — so add offset geometry around any contours which is at least endmill diameter plus 10% and use that and the original geometry to cut as a pocket down to tab depth or the penultimate pass, at which point you can switch to a contour cut which begins at the depth of the pocket.

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