File Limit for Carbide Motion

What is the file size limit for (gcode) load into Carbide Motion? I have attempted to load some files larger than 20 MB and they don’t load, nor to I receive any sort of message indicating why. The only thing I can assume is that there is a limit that I am not aware of and no error handling for such a scenario.
Does anyone know?

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I’m hoping somebody has this answer.

I know a 9 MB file will work, but CM chokes, so I think it is somewhere near there.

@robgrz ???

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Thanks Rich; I have had 9 work as well, in fact this very file was 9.2 MB and I made a couple tool changes and suddenly it was over 20MB, then, when I attempt to load it I get no response from Motion it is idling calmly as though I attempted nothing.

No update on this topic? I’ve been having this issue as well… I’d love to know if there is some inherent limit to file size.