File opens then goes blank

I provided a screenshare of my issue. I load the file and then it goes to a blank white screen. I can not do anything with the design screen, no zooming in or out. I need to edit this due to a change in wood size and can not complete until this issue is fixed.

Please either post the file here or send it in to and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Ben Cheater.c2d (435.9 KB)

It is any file that I have created that does this.

At a guess you’re using Adobe Illustrator and including infinitely long guidelines when saving as SVG?

Don’t save as SVG from AI, instead save as a .ai file and export to an SVG, and when you export, only export the desired geometry.

Please see the attached files:

ben cheater.c2d (913.3 KB) ben cheater

I’m pretty sure I created this right in Carbide Create. I did others as .svg upload.

In that case, please provide step-by step instructions for creating the impossibly long lines which match up with guidelines from Adobe Illustrator.

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