File problems after upgrading Carbide Create

Hi Everyone, I was running Carbide Create version 285 on my machine and just downloaded the latest version. I opened up a file that I was working on, and most of the data was gone. The file consisted of 3 elements, the first is a hole (which remained in the file), and the 2nd and 3rd were polyline elements and they are now gone. I opened several files and it was a consistent pattern. All the “normal” stuff like squares, circles, text, etc were still in the file, but any polyline objects that I had created are now gone.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

No, but please send any such problem files to and we’ll have one of the developers look into it and hopefully get it fixed.

There was a similar problem w/ a previous version pair I believe, and someone wrote a utility to update files. Here:

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So its not a known issue, but other people have identified it and written scripts to fix it? Hmm, seems like both options would be mutually exclusive. I guess it is my own fault for buying something in permanent Beta version.

I meant that it’s not a known issue with this specific revision — that none of the files which we used in testing, nor which customers have reported have had this issue. I don’t know if the script will work with the new version files. Please forward your files to and hopefully one of the devs can puzzle this out.