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So I still have not got my mind wrapped around some of the operations and bits. I am trying to cut this Dallas Cowboys logo. I am doing a pocket around the star and the word cowboy to give the two a raised effect. I am then cutting the profile out. This will be used as part of a larger project. As you can see in my screen shot, the 1/8" end mill I’m using to pocket will not go in between and around some of the letters. I’m trying to understand how to fix this with a smaller end mill or V bit, or different operation. Can somebody help me understand how to do this in CC? I do not have another program like some have that I believe you do rough and finish passes that may help with this?? Thank you
Dallas Cowboys logo.c2d (511.6 KB)

There are a number of ways to do this. You could do an outside contour cut with a 1/16" end mill along with the pocketing cut to get into the small spaces. That would increase cut time. A far easier option, and one I would do if it was my project would be to go back to the design window and move each letter individually to space them out a little more so the 1/8" pocketing path can get all the way around each letter.

To do it by hand see:

If you have a BitSetter, use the Advance V carving operation with pocket clearing instead.

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You have to have bit setter for advance Vcarve?

I will give the letter moving a try and see what it looks like. And for my learning, if I did the 1/16th bit, I would have to create an outline around the letters, with a small offset, and use that as my boundary for a pocket operation with this bit? And then run the bigger pocket with bigger bit to that offset line?

If you select the letters and choose contour path, but set it to an outside cut instead of a pocket cut it will run the 1/16" bit around the outside of each letter selected. Just make sure to set it to the same depth as the pocket operation and your z height probing for each bit is consistent. Your way of adding an offset around everything would probably do better to clear everything out without leaving any “islands” where cutting paths didn’t overlap. You could simply draw a box around the letters and pocket that area with the smaller bit.

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Well it worked moving the letters, except for the W and the Y. The design of the logo I can’t change so the 1/8 bit won’t fit in the width of that part of the letter. But I was able to get the bit around the other spots. Might still have to do the 1/16th.

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Maybe try node editing?

To use the pocket clearing feature, yes.

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