File stopped running but CM4 did not crash

So I just went downstairs because I noticed the sound of my job changed as though it wasn’t running any longer. My SO3 was not operating and when I looked at the Mac, CM4 was back on the Load File / Info screen… The file just stopped running. Nothing crashed as CM4 is still up and running… just stopped running.

CM4 has always been what I would call rock solid… this is a first and I am not sure why this would happen. My mac is set to NEVER fall asleep… not even the screen saver is allowed on.

So I am going to try picking up on the 12+hour carve but starting it back up just about .125" previous to where it stopped running… grrrr. I hope it all works or I lost a little over 5 hours of machine time.

All my code is generated by VCarve Pro… no updates there recently either.