Filing Machine (Die Filer) Tutorial Help and ideas (Part 1 Design) CLOSED

Fellow Shapeoko Users:

I have started the design review to build a Filing Machine (Die Filer) at the request from Rob. We (YOU and me) will design this project for the Semi-Novelist Machinist on the Shapeoko (OR the Nomad) Maybe this can be first your metal project!

NOTE: There are NO LATHE Parts, This will be a 100% Milling machine design (Off the shelf Drill Rod will be used for the two round parts)

So I am looking for YOUR input from fellow Shapeoko/Nomad users who might think about building this project. What it should do, how it should perform, materials, etc.

What I am thinking:
Off the shelf parts where we can: Pulley, bushings in lieu of bearings, fasteners, Dowel Pins, Drill Rod, etc.

Power source: $15 variable speed electric Harbor Freight Drill. (you can use your own power source if you have a spare electric motor, but it needs to be variable speed). I have used this type of machine for many (many) years, and the filing speed needs to match your material AND file type.

It will also be able to use low-cost standard 6‚ÄĚ files (Round, Square, Triangle, and Flat,) as well as the expensive Die Files.

Bolt together design (no welding/brazing)

Simple Match Drilling at final assembly with a few Dowel pins to stabilize the parts

Wood base (Ikea Cutting Board)

Tilting table (+/- 15¬ļ) about, supported on 2 sides

Design (A) Machining parts: 98% Aluminum, Brass slip yoke, Easiest to build, but with decreased life due to Brass on Aluminum for the drive

Design (B) (Advance users) 95% Aluminum with ONE STEEL part (insert for the BrassYoke.)

I will produce 2D drawings and 3D models for free.

Note: 1 I can also assist you with the purchase some of the larger pieces of RAW aluminum.

Note 2: I am not being paid or compensated for this project

Note 3: When I have finalized the design with your input, I will close this post and start another when the design is complete. Where I will list the files, BOM, etc.

This photo is NOT MY DESIGN, but just something to get your design juices flowing.


I just ate, and you have me salivating again…Pavlovian response to more better projects that add to ability at a limited complexity…

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