Final Dimensions undersized

Has anyone experienced undersized dimensions with the Nomad? My overall height is supposed to be 82.6mm and I’m measuring 80.5mm. Width is supposed to be 35mm and i’m measuring 34.5mm. My holes are also coming in undersized. I have an original Nomad.

Only when I have incorrect tool size specified generating toolpaths (which of course I have NEVER, EVER done… Not buying it? didn’t think so) or specified an incorrect strategy. This matches undersized holes and oversize externals, but not the Z differential, unless the zero point was also incorrectly set.

Depending on the software used to generate the model, you may also have scaling going on.
deleted tangentially related embarrassing story re: a casting pattern

Otherwise, I find that finished dimensions are as close as can be expected (within about 0.1mm)

You know after doing some more measuring it seems that my y dimension is ok. The x is slightly under. My holes are definitely smaller than they should be.

@PDG What are you cutting? Could be deflection? Is the tool hanging out from the collet more than an inch?
You can re-run the job to see if the holes improve.

@ApolloCrowe I am cutting rosewood and cocobolo. I’m using a .125in carbide ball end with less than an inch sticking out. I wonder though if it could be the actual part deflecting while cutting. I’m not sure if that’s possible. both are quite hard, especially the cocobolo.

Have you cleaned / lubricated recently?

I have cleaned but not lubricated the rails or bearings.


Is wood the typically material?

How long have you had the machine?

I have greased the machine with lithium grease. I have never disassembled anything though. Just rubbed grease on the shafts. My machine is over a year old, but I don’t run it that often. I seem to use it in spurts.

I machine plastics, wood, and some metals. Lately it’s been mostly wood.

I do think though that it was more movement of the material. I ran a couple of jobs yesterday and dimensionally it was better. I redesigned my fixtures and I’m thinking that may have been what helped (it was also a different species of wood too). I think at this point I’m fairly confident the machine is OK.

Some woods seems to give-way, and come back.

I run dimensional hole paths twice, a regular stepped pass and then a full depth pass to ensure a clean the bore.

When you can I would be interested to see these exotic wood parts.


Yes, I think you are right. I ran some cocobola and then walnut. The walnut ran much better. I am designing some prototype gun grips for a new manufacturer. While experimenting I also made some for a Sig P238 with the Tennessee logo on to see how they would come out. Here are a couple of photos.