Final position at end of job - CC/CM

Hoping I can get a reliable answer here without having to do a bunch of experimentation - couldn’t find the right answer under search. For this question, assume I use CC as my CAM tool, and CM as my sender.

When a job successfully completes, the head retracts and then moves to some back X and Y position. Is that position a fixed value, like one of the rapid positions? Or is it based on the job size so that it just moves slightly off the stock/machined dimension?

It seems like this may be a setting from CC, in which case I should be able to look at the exported G-Code and see if it’s consistent for different jobs. But I don’t want to make an assumption, so please let me know if that’s a valid methodology. Thanks!

Last time I checked the position was middle of X axis, back of Y axis, and it was a custom behavior of CM when it reaches the end of the file. It’s hardcoded in CM as far as I know

I’ll be observant today…but I thought it parked at the back of the unit (“Y”) with “X” remaining wherever it ended up. I don’t remember it centering itself.


Quite possibly. I may just have had a zero near the middle. Anyway it’s not configurable.

As @GJM noted, the behavior is:

  • lift
  • move straight back along Y maintaining X
  • stop at machine zero for Y

At this time the only way to change this is to edit the G-Code in some way. One possibility is to put an small tool path where you would like the machine to lift at and move back from (but note this is done in job coordinates, so please take how that relates to machine geometry into account).

If you edited the underlying G-Code there would be more control and the possibility of accessing machine coordinates, but until Carbide Create has editable post processors this is something which would have to be done for each file.

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Thanks all! So for a given job it should be repeatable which is good, and my x position will change depending on how the job finishes - got it.

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What Gary just said.

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