Finally back, and still confused

It’s been a rough couple of months, not bad just I’ve run a couple of things on the machine over the last couple months but nothing much to get excited about. Mostly due to lack of time. I have now done the sea of holes with threaded inserts to the waste board, and made an extra board with threaded inserts that sits on top of the standard waste board. I also finally got around to cutting out some clamps, and making a hell of a mess. lol. I have a bit a hump on my parts. It’s in the same place of everything that I cut out, lower left corner. To be honest, it’s nothing that I couldn’t take off with a couple of seconds of sanding, but it begs the question of why is it there? Is it belt tension or the lack there of on one side, or something else? Can you folks help me out, where should I be looking, and what should I be looking for?Set screws are tight, frame screws are tight. I just don’t know what I don’t know, so I figured I would ask. lol.

I don’t know. My guess is that if you were using double sided tape, and if it has some give, then there is a chance that the “bump” is from the tape having a bit of give? Anyone else know?


Besides the work holding like tem suggested i would like to add check the belt tension in all axis and the vwheels,imo looking at the part id say vwheels


I had double sided tape on the bottom of the parts being cut out, but had screws hold down the piece they were be cut out from. So I think movement could have been a player there. What should I look for on v-wheels? I cut these out of some scrap that had. I also have to admit that one of my next projects should really be a dust shoe. lol.


On the vwheels just make sure they are tight but smooth on the rails,maybe grab the spindle and rock it/see if there is any little play in far as dust collection,I couldnt reccomend Suck it enough (will change your life) true story lol


I will check them again this evening when I go out to my shop. Since Im to cheap to break down and put ac in my shop I mostly work at night, as it’s just too hot and humid during the days here. lmao

If everything seems tight,throw some more material at it and make sure the holding it 100% tight and see where you are at.

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I have a/c and portacool 3200 in the shop,ill have it all moved out by the weekend under real air.cant stand the heat and it wont keep it cool out there


im haveing similar problems
now i just got a dial test indocator to see if my bed is bent
its like a .5 to .7 deeper on the left side on mine im assuming but hev not tested it yet