Finally got around to making a new wasteboard

Took me a while, but I finally got around to making a new wasteboard. I used Tee Nuts this time instead of inserts. Wish I would have done that the first time.


Nice videos. I’ve watched all 3 Shapeoko ones. Keep up the good work.
I agree, that would be the best option (T nuts)
You should upload your CC file for others to use, tho it would be a good exercise to make themselves.
Sorry, I forgot you used V Carve Pro, Though the process should be similar.
It’s still a good video, thanks.

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Are you talking about uploading the V Carve file, or the toolpaths?

Great video Jason, thanks for uploading. Where did you end up getting your tee nuts?

Thanks. I ordered the Tee Nuts from Amazon.

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I went this route as well but found the T nuts were just as unreliable as the threaded inserts after several weeks of having them there. I think MDF is just not the right material if you want a good grip. Hope yours last longer!