Finally got it, Thank you, SuckIT

I ordered a Suckit Pro “Directed Suction” for Shapeoko HDZ. Order No. ***** placed on Aug 7, 2019. I have not received my order yet. August 27th, I received a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.
I was checking the tracking info today and it’s showing that shipping info was dispatched to USPS. The item was in stock when I placed my order, and my understanding they are located in New York. I would have got it by now if I hitchhiked to New York back and forth. I’m glad I finished my prototype Dust Inhaler over 10 days ago, otherwise, I would have been inhaling dust & debris.

Suck it is located in Canada. When I ordered my dust boot. It showed that it was in a USPS location in Buffalo NY. It never left Buffalo until it arrived at my door. The tracking always stayed the same location.

@rac8006 Did yours take a month to arrive? My AliPapa Express orders never take more than 2 weeks to arrive from China.

I ordered it on Jul 23 I think it arrived on Aug 4. It takes almost a week for the order o be processed. It seems that they process orders on Mondays. Not sure why.

That’s very reasonable. I have no clue why mine took that long. What really made me upset is their lack of communications. I sent them over 7 emails during the 4 weeks. I only received 2 emails from them, one was a confirmation of my order dated August 7th, and one with a tracking number dated August 27th,

That is interesting. They have been very responsive with me.

I ordered the OOPS clamps from Suckit. The clamps took for ever to ship and even longer after it did ship. Part of the problem is Suckit is a husband and wife team. I think they are over whelmed and cannot produce enough products to keep up with demand. Then after they ship the stuff from Canada it seems to take forever.

So if you are patient and think their stuff is worth it then hang in there. If you have no patience then I would not recommend you order from Suckit.

On a side note I did find their email in my gmail SPAM folder probably because of the name.

Stuff gets stuck at customs all the time, probably in Buffalo NY, custom officers target certain truck loads and go through the content with a microscope. Being Canadian, I’m all too familiar with this issue. I’ve had shipments get stuck at a port of entry in Canada and no-one could give me any information if the package was lost or just waiting for inspection. It seems to have gotten worse over the past few years and this is why I often get delivery in the US and I take the stuff across the border myself. This is especially bad when shipped through FedEx and UPS are involved and they charge brokerage and import fees that bring the price up significantly.

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The most thing that really bothered me is the lack of communications.

I’ve had similar issues with communications and/or shipping. They are also out of stock a lot, which just adds to the frustration. I’ve been trying to get an upgrade kit to mount the SuckIt on my HDZ, but no luck. They have complete sets available, but no upgrade kits. I like their products very much, but am looking for an alternative.

@Sea_Warrior I know that they do not offer an upgrade kit to make the standard Basic or Pro kits fit the HDZ. We got an answer from them that we have to purchase the complete kit.

They are a husband and wife company so it does sometimes take a little while to process orders. I have ordered twice and had one issue with a brush. Communication was great and replacement part was quickly sent.

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Yeah they are not fast and its not all customs–they kind of proceed at their own pace both with answering mail and shipping stuff. I think my clamps took several months to show up.

They are nice though. When she didn’t have the replacement shield for my old model Suckit she sent me the CAD file to cut my own and sent me most of a V2 so I have V1 and V2 hybrid.

Its Canada. Everything is cool.


I find this interesting as I bought a dust boot which arrived very fast and then I had something break. I emailed them and got a response almost immediately and got a new part very fast also. I would assume that maybe they are overwhelmed at the moment?

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A few days ago, I sent them an apology letter for posting this thread with an old title that was not appropriate. I received a thank you email and an apology for the delay in their replies to my emails. Also, they offered to send me a part I was inquiring about, free of charge, just pay shipping. I have to admit, THEY ARE VERY NICE PEOPLE, and the quality of their product is EXCELLENT.


I ordeed my XXL from a distributor here in Ontario sometime ago, I received it in good condition. i should mention that this was over a year ago. My comment is only to say that the sender was cooperative, but UPS was terrible, they told m (UPS) that I would receive my package within 18 hours, I waited at home for over three days without pay waiting for a very expensive pkg that they would leave in my driveway for the rest of world to take. From my experience don’t trust UPS word for delivery times, they’re not even close to accurate, even when I called UPS directly they didn’t have a clue. My suggestion is request a different carrier service next round.

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