Finally installed my T-tracks

3/4" MDF at (from center) 1", 2", 4", 8". 36" T-tracks from Countersunk the screws in the middle. Thoughts/suggestions?

One question I have is I purchased (2) Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamps (side clamps) but the track size is smaller than the T-bolt. I’m assuming I can either grind down the T-bolts or purchase replacements that are the correct size for the tracks and added distance with the 3/4" MDF wasteboard?



Do you have a spare bit of T track? If so, take it in to a hardware store along w/ a clamp — they should be able to set you up w/ suitable bolts (a simple hex head should work). If you don’t have any T-track to spare, make a rubbing of the end.

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I don’t have an extra but that is an awesome suggestion. Thanks WillAdams!

Looks a lot like how I did mine. Orange aluminum is a great place to shop with great prices too! Nice work!



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