Finding image files online?

where does every find good image files to import into carbide create? as in, good images like “Groot” in the tutorial demonstration that are ready to go and dont have to be hand traced in the software

Here are a handfull浮雕灰度&page=1

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how do i turn those files into a Carbide Create file though? other than cut rocket those sites are just giving me image files. How to i turn a basic logo jpeg file into a carbide create file?

A pixel image would either need to be re-drawn: or traced:

You should be able to search for vector images which can be directly loaded into Carbide Create using a search such as:

Or, you could use a CAM tool which directly accepts images such as MeshCAM or F-Engrave.

And freepic actually has a lot of vector stuff on it that can be used if not directly, than with a little conversion-fu.

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