Finished Christmas present for grandson

Made a step stool for my grandson. Poplar and maple.
Did bottom arch,hand holes and top v-grooves with the S3.
Used 5/32 diameter down cut bit for smiley faces and 3/16 bit for name on sides. 1/8" depth. S3 worked great !



Nice work! What sort of joinery is holding it all together?

Thanks ! Modified plans from Kreg Jig for stool size. Used pocket hole screws and Titebond 3 glue.


Very nice. Most importantly, using the pocket screws and Titebond, that thing should hold up to a lot of abuse, which it will get of course (because of its user). Side note, I don’t like the current “snobbery” in the regular wood working community against pocket screws. There are plenty of applications like this where they are the right choice. Everything doesn’t have to be done in hand-cut joinery.


The snobbery of “traditional” woodworkers knows few bounds, and I say this having been at it for decades. Pocket screws are what they are: a fast, strong, low-skill way to join material. The last item there is not BAD, it just IS. Some people seem to think that anything not requiring years of practice is inherently inferior to that which does. Wrongo.