Finished My Enclosure at Last

Been chipping away at this, bit-by-bit for close to a year. Finally made the vinyl logo today, which was the last thing on my to-do list (the machine is still setup for vinyl cutting in the photos). I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it reduced noise IMMENSELY. I can now keep running projects well into the night without waking up the neighbors!


  • Shapeoko Pro XL + BitRunner + BitZero
  • Shop Vac: Festool CT15 + Dust Deputy
  • Tablet: Fusion5 + Arkon Heavy Duty Arm
  • Pendant: Rii
  • LED Light Kit from IKEA
  • Lots and lots of 3D printed parts.

Fun Facts:

  • “Noise Damping” liner is just cut up yoga mats from Lowe’s.
  • The light inside the cabinet is switched on/off with the footswitch on the ground, and pulls current from the outlet on the shop vac. The shop vac turns on/off when it senses this current, making for a super convenient way of controlling it.
  • The LCD on the side is a fan & temperature controller. There are two fans inside that begin to circulate air when the temperature starts getting too high (from the vacuum & router running for prolonged periods of time).




For me, that is the best design I’ve seen to date. Really nice!
What did you use for holding up your dust hose and where did you get it? Also, what actual hose did you use and do you find it flexible enough to cover the whole table yet not fall in the way?


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I designed the arm and built it out of leftover conduit, ball bearings, and 3D printed parts.

The hose is from Amazon, and perfect for the application: 2-1/2 x 10’ Ultra Flex Clear-Vue Heavy Duty PVC Hose - MADE IN USA!

Take a look at this youtube video. The song is about your enclosure. :smile: