Finished my new spoil board

This is on the HDM with the hybrid table. I made the grid on 50 mm spacing and retained the existing T tracks. You can still use the T track as well as the new threaded holes. Each threaded hole is m6 on the bottom half and a precise 10mm bore on the top.

Photo and video below.

I cut down 10mm 3d printer rails for the pins. Test sweeps with the indicator shows about 1.5 thou of variation from end to end. The straight edge I measured with a caliper and it’s probably about .5 thou off through out its length. So maybe worse case error about 2 thou from end to end.

Not perfect, but at least I know I’m in the 2 thou ball park when I set up a fixture or a piece of stock.

Video link: spoilboard - Google Drive


Great idea. WOW

We are only limited by our imagination.

Guess what, Next spoil board change…