Finished my wooden PC case

I designed this in CAD and cut it out of pine on my Shapeoko XL. Some of the parts are 3D printed. The wood is 3/4 pine. I am going to use a 3mm piece of acrylic for the opening you see now. This was about my 4th prototype before it came out the way I wanted. Thanks to @WillAdams for helping with my Y axis issue.

If anyone is interested in the PC part… It fits a custom Supermicro workstation motherboard (hence the need for a custom case). It will have dual xeon CPU’s, 48GB of ram and a Radeon Fury vidoe card. I’ll post pictures of it finished if anyone is interested.


Great looking end result… definitely post pics.

Did you make the motherboard tray yourself and the I/O cutout? If so, i’d love to see the CAD files, I’d like to make my own wooden pc case too!!

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Here is the final version with the acrylic window.

I took about 100 pics during the build. As soon as I can get it together I’ll put them online along with the cad files/etc.


Impressive build… thanks for the great pic.

Where you posted photos of case during work. It will be very helpaful for my project.

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