Finished v3 XXL Enclosure

Took 10x longer than expected but it’s finally at a point I’m happy with :grin: thanks to everyone for the help and feedback in the original thread.

Don’t think I’d recommend this design to others. It was a lot of work creating the swing shell design. It should have ideally been lighter and more use of acrylic IMO. It’s extremely heavy (opening the top is similar to doing an overhead press with 115lbs - and the handles are waist level). It has lots of air gaps.

On the plus side when the top is open I can comfortably stand inside the enclosure with full access to the machine. The entire top can come off if ever its needed, it’s just sitting on the base.

I made custom rebar handles, rebar supports to hold it open, wire exit feed, also a custom laptop holder that can move from the front to the side of the enclosure.

It cuts sound by around 50%, outside the room 80%, inside other rooms on the top floor 95%. Even with air gaps all over the place. It’s working as intended.


Coat of paint and a layer of sawdust and she is all done.

Good job

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