Finishing complete pockets carvings?

Hi. I carved a logo with some letters using the pocket setting in carbide create. It turned out beautifully with crisp clean lines and the exact detail I was looking for.

The issue: I scaled down the exact logo and went through and set the tool path and chose the pocket setting. Only to find that when it brings up the blue shaded area of what will be carved, it IS NOT connected. It’s leaving unfinished areas in the logo and I cannot figure this issue out.

Please, any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

most probably, the endmil you selected for the initial logo, is now too large to go inside all features of the scaled-down logo ?

Post your design file here for confirmation

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I’m using the smallest bit I have and the smallest option. 1/16th. It has something to do with the size. For instance, there is a number 9 and a number 0. The top of the circle inside the number 9 to the outline of the number 9 is the exact width of the circle inside the zero to the outline, if you understand what I mean?

It will carve the entire 9 but will only carve the sides of the zero. When I enlarge the logo slightly, more blue fills in like it will carve correctly if I keep enlarging to original size.

Yes, well this is likely because some parts of your design are smaller than 1/16", and the endmill cannot fit. In this situation, the usual way to proceed is to use a Vbit instead, to carve smaller details.


Ahh ok. I’ll give that a try and see if I have better luck. Thank you for the help.

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