Finishing MDF project

Good evening everyone. My wife loves Disney’s Electric Light Parade. I found a newspaper ad that features it. So, I’m in the process of making a 12 x 18 reproduction of it for her. I’m still pretty new at using my CNC. This is the first time I’ve used MDF. Any suggestions as to the best way to finish it would be greatly appreciated. My initial thought was to spray paint it Satin Black and then use Buff n Rub. It still has about an hour left for the job to finish, so I can show final images at a later time. Thanks in advance for any help.

Also, happy Father’s day to all the dad’s and father figures.

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Looks good.
Seal it with something like shellac and then sand lightly before painting.


Thanks for the tip. I would have painted it first.

MDF is thirsty. Two coats of shellac, sanding between with 320/400. I recently saw a youtube video recommending joint compound on the edges to smooth it out. Apply joint compound, let it dry and sand. Apply shellac to all 6 sides.


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